Caramel Pot de Crème (in the Instant Pot)


Have you ever made something and instantly regretted it after the first bite? I mean these luscious caramel pot de crèmes are decadent and unfortunately easily to make. I say unfortunate because you’ll want to make them frequently. Very frequently.  Continue reading

Spicy pulled pork (in the Instant Pot)


Years ago (I feel like I use this phrase more often now than I’m comfortable with) a co-worker made his famous “Spanish Beef Burritos” and they were delicious. He used chuck roast and slow cooked them on the stove top for hours. I took the flavors he used and substituted pork tenderloin for the chuck roast. The flavors translated well and I’ve been in leftover heaven all week. And instead of slow cooking them for hours I used my kitchen BFF, the Instant Pot. WOW!

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Korean BBQ Spareribs (in the Instant Pot)

Korean BBQ Spareribs (in the Instant Pot)

I’ve been testing ribs in my Instant Pot all month long while my picky husband tests his rib recipes in his Big Green Egg. I (kind of) feel bad that he spends all day out in the heat (and sometimes rain) to prepare his ribs. All the while I spend less than an hour (which includes watching How to Get Away with Murder while the Instant Pot does its magic) to make my delicious fall off the bone ribs.

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Parmesan-Paprika Corn on the Cob (in the Instant Pot)

Parmesan Paprika Buttered Corn on the Cob (in the Instant Pot)

There’s nothing like biting into sweet, crunchy, and fresh corn on the cob. CostCo has shucked corn on the cob in the refrigerated section that is hard to resist. There are very few vegetables my  picky husband loves to eat and corn on the cob is top on his list. Continue reading

Berrytastic Faux Cobbler (aka Dump Cake)

Dump Cake Collage

My picky husband is a man of simple (food) tastes. I could spend the day baking homemade cakes and pastries and his taste buds wouldn’t be impressed. But dump some canned fruit, boxed cake mix, and butter in a baking dish and I have his undivided attention. It makes cooking for him simple and predictable but doesn’t lend itself for my need for creativity in the kitchen. But that’s what friends are for, right?

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Spicy Dried Anchovies (Myeolchi-bokkeum) with Rice (in the Instant Pot)

Spicy Dried Anchovies (Myeolchi-bokkeum)

Last week someone asked me if I felt more Korean or white. Caught off guard, I didn’t know how to respond. My mom is Korean and my father was a Texan with German/Irish descent. I still don’t know how to answer this question because the answer is “it depends”. Sometimes I feel more Korean when I’m eating delicious Korean food and hanging out with other full and half Koreans. And most of the times I don’t because I don’t speak the language and I’ve only visited the country once when I was eight. But I can relate to being a child from a Korean mother. Oh boy … the stories about my crazy Korean mother. Sometimes they love you so much it hurts.
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Improved Chocolicious Butterfinger Krispy Treats

I know I know … I just posted the Chocolicious Butterfinger Krispy Treats last week.  How could I already improve them? Well it just took a half cup of Reese’s peanut butter baking chips. My picky husband thought the Chocolicious Butterfinger Krispy Treats were perfect as is but then he tasted these improved ones. He was a happy man! And I just had to share with you. Continue reading