Fall Wreath and a Tasty Treat

Fall Wreath2

I love fall. I love the earthy colors. I love the cooler weather and now I LOVE beer that tastes exactly like root beer. My cousin recommended this beer and swore it tasted like root beer. I was skeptical, but I’m completely on board now. I usually don’t like the taste of beer, never have, until now. (BTW … I’m not paid to provide my testimonial, this is utter SHOCK that I actually like any form of beer.) So if you’re not a beer lover or if you are and you also love root beer, then you gotta try Not Your Father’s Root Beer. I found a six-pack at Trader Joe’s.

Last year I discovered how easy mesh wreaths were to make and made one for fall that was, at best, adequate. So I went to my local craft store the day after Halloween and was going to get my supplies for my new fall wreath. Would you believe that had NOTHING in stock for fall? I felt like a crafty loser. A real crafter would have known to shop for fall in the summer, right?!?! My solution? Rip apart the old wreath and use it to make the new one. YouTube has incredible tutorials to get you started making a basic mesh wreath. That’s where I learned how to make my first wreath. I honestly don’t know how I would survive without Google or YouTube!

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