What is this kitchen gadget called The Instant Pot?!?

Instant Pot

I’ve been hearing about this new-to-me must have kitchen gadget called the Instant Pot for over a month now from Facebook friends. They have been praising this gadget for making meals easier, quicker, and more flavorful. How could this possibly be true?! So I do what I do and scour Pinterest. I find countless links to why this is a must have kitchen gadget and an endless supply of recipes. Did you know you can make a cheesecake in this thing? I dutifully create my Pinterest board Yummy Instant Pot and order the Instant Pot from Amazon

And the box arrives.

I open the box and make sure all of the components are there. I proceed to close the box and tuck it into our pantry for when I’m ready to use it.

A week passes by while I continually add more recipes to my Pinterest board. I think the box is collecting dust. At this point I’ve joined several Instant Pot Facebook groups. I’m becoming more intimidated because there appear to be so many confused people. They have so many questions on how to use it and they question the safety of this electronic pressure cooker.

I didn’t grow up with a pressure cooker so I don’t have a point of reference for how dangerous this magical gadget can be. So I become even more timid and question if this was a wise purchase.

Then CostCo had $3 off their pork loins and the sale was ending soon. I bit the bullet and bought a 5 pound pork loin and the rest is history. Needless to say I fell in love.

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