Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Hot Chick with a Cold Brew Coffee I’ve had a love affair with my Keurig for years. Everyone morning it was ready for me to pop in a pod and brew me my morning coffee. Cold brewing was born out of necessity. I started the Ideal Protein diet back in December (I know who starts a diet before the holidays?!) and would add my vanilla protein shake to my hot coffee. It wasn’t the best but I was on a diet so I figured punishing myself was the only way. My Ideal Protein coach made an off-hand comment about cold brewing her coffee and off I went to research how to do it and to try it out. The taste of my morning coffee protein shake was night and day. Cold brewing made the coffee sweet and not bitter. , And the fact that the coffee was cold just made sense when I added my cold protein shake. Continue reading

Fall Wreath and a Tasty Treat

Fall Wreath2

I love fall. I love the earthy colors. I love the cooler weather and now I LOVE beer that tastes exactly like root beer. My cousin recommended this beer and swore it tasted like root beer. I was skeptical, but I’m completely on board now. I usually don’t like the taste of beer, never have, until now. (BTW … I’m not paid to provide my testimonial, this is utter SHOCK that I actually like any form of beer.) So if you’re not a beer lover or if you are and you also love root beer, then you gotta try Not Your Father’s Root Beer. I found a six-pack at Trader Joe’s. Continue reading