The Best Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

These are the cookies that won my picky husband’s heart forever. I’m not a huge peanut butter fan but even I was smitten with these thick, soft, and chewy cookies. They are the best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever tasted. Most peanut butter cookies are dry and leave little to be desired but these are nothing short of amazing. My picky husband even loves them more than his new favorite Butterfinger Krispy Treats. Continue reading

Pumpkin Sheet Cake with Pumpkin Caramel Frosting

Pumpkin Sheet Cake with Pumpkin Caramel Frosting

Can you believe we are a little over two weeks away from Thanksgiving?!? It feels like fall just arrived and now Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner. I’m thinking of all the different items I need to make, buy, or assign. The only thing I know is that I am making this pumpkin sheet cake.

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Pumpkin Dulce de Leche (in the Instant Pot)

Pumpkin spice dulce de leche (in the Instant Pot)

It’s been officially fall for over a month now. Regrettably central Texas did not receive that message. There have been a handful of days that the weather teased us that fall is here but the shorts and tank tops we continue to wear tell me otherwise. I’m not a pumpkin spice latte girl because I work from home and I refuse to leave the house for a $7 cup of coffee. Nevertheless, I am a sucker for pumpkin treats. Pumpkin cake, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, and now pumpkin dulce de leche made in my Instant Pot. Continue reading

RIP Glenn Bloody Cake Eyeballs

Bloody cake eyeball

Do you watch The Walking Dead? If you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode be prepared to cover your eyes. I literally covered my eyes the first 15 minutes or so of the show. I peeked just in time to see Glenn professing his undying love to Maggie. *sob* Sunday night is the only night I stay up past my bedtime so my husband and I can watch The Walking Dead semi-live (we DVR it to skip most of the commercials). I sacrifice an extra hour of sleep because by the time Monday morning rolls around everyone has already spoiled whatever big event/reveal occurred Sunday night.

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Lazy Mom’s Oreo Cake Balls

Fall Cake Balls

Cake balls or cake pops are a perfect party treat for kids. What kid (or kid-like adult) doesn’t like Oreos covered in chocolate and sprinkles? When I make treats for a large crowd I try to find ways to save time and energy. These treats are perfect for a parent short on time or too lazy to bake a cake to make traditional cake balls.

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Reese’s Pieces Blondies


Do you like chewy treats with crispy tops and edges? Would you like these treats even more with peanut buttery Reese’s Pieces candies? Then these blondies are right up your alley. I’m not a huge peanut butter fan and I can’t get enough of these yummy treats.

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